'Coding from Scratch' offers a programming course, using LiveCode® for those interested in wanting to write their very own computer programs. 

We have created a fully functionable application (dbBMS2015) which demonstrates what can be achieved and is used to assist in developing your own creation by following the step by step guide contained with the programming course.



This course is aimed primarily at the novice programmer.  Throughout the course, we walk through the development of a complete application using LiveCode® by RunRev.  If you have programming experience in another language but don't know where to start to develop a LiveCode® application, then this course is for you.  We start from scratch by defining a problem to be solved and then continue throughout the course building a complete application. In doing so we cover the development environment, common controls and the coding language used. The process is designed to give you a jump start in developing applications using LiveCode® without having to read an entire book on the subject first.

Program Requirements
Designing the User Interface and Coding
Introduction to and a tour of the LiveCode® Environment
Language Overview

• What is LiveCode®

• An Introduction to LiveCode®

• A Tour of LiveCode® Environment


• Variables

• Operators

• Functions

• Naming Convention

• Add Customers to the records in the database

• Edit Customers in the database

• Add Products to the records in the database

• Edit Products in the database

• Create Orders and Invoices

• Browse Customers / Products and Invoices

• Print Routines



• Creating the background template

• Designing our User Interface

• Writing the code for our program

• Testing the program

• Distributing our finished program

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