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An extract from RunRev's website - The easiest way to create your own software.

Fast results. Cross platform. Fun.


LiveCode® English-like language makes it the easiest and most fun programming environment available. Bring just an inquisitive mind and a task you want to solve or an application you want to write – no programming skills required. Whatever you want to make, whether it’s a simple game, an interactive presentation or a tool for cataloging your plant collection, LiveCode® makes it easy. LiveCode® is used for a multitude of purposes by individuals around the world, and taught in K-12 (high school) and at University level.

Write Code in English

Imagine if you could use the language you already know to write your own software. Instead of learning a soup of arcane symbols or the esoteric and formulaic shorthand that plague traditional programming languages, you could write simple expressive statements. Imagine if you could write just a little code and start to see the results – as well as test – right away. Imagine if everything you worked on was always live, always running and you didn’t need to wait to see the results. Fortunately you can with LiveCode®. Learn simple, memorable syntax and start expressing your ideas.


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An Introduction to "Coding from Scratch"​​​​​​​​​

If you are interested in developing professional software applications that run on Windows or on Apple Macs, LiveCode® is for you. LiveCode® is simple, quick and relatively easy to master as it uses near English scripting language. We have created a software application (called dbBMS2015) which is a database-based program which demonstrates a typical application.  To accompany the program is our "Coding from Scratch" documentation which is designed to show you how to build this program from scratch using LiveCode®. Prior programming experience is not required to gain an understanding of LiveCode® when learning with "Coding from Scratch".



Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

The "Coding from Scratch" documentation is aimed toward novice programmers, programmers experienced in using other computer languages, and those hobbyists, like me, who are interested in learning a new programming language.


From start to finish, we will be guidng you through the whole process to provide you with the necessary information to take you through the development of a complete and fully functional application using LiveCode® by RunRev.  Along the way we will cover specific LiveCode® topics.


If you have some programming experiencing in another language, but either don’t know where to start to begin to develop a LiveCode® application or simply want to migrate to another programming language, then "Coding from Scratch" is for you.


If you are new to programming or a hobbyist then "Coding from Scratch" will provide you with a chance to learn and start creating your very own software application right from scratch.


LiveCode® is considered to be a cross-platform rapid development programming language. With the skills that you will learn, you will be better placed in developing software applications for Windows, Mac OS, even iPhones and Android Phones or Tablets.


The application that we will be developing will be for use on a computer which either runs Windows or Mac OS. The skills and knowledge to take our application further and use for the mobile market is beyond the scope of "Coding from Scratch".  However, what you do learn will provide you with a basic foundation to build upon.


I wanted to pick an application that is familiar to most. Hopefully it is interesting and yet complex enough to cover a broad depth of LiveCode® topics and still be able to completely develop it within the document. With this in mind, the application you will be building is a business database that involves customers, orders and stock control.


This application when completed does not pretend to be a commercial application.  It is only intended to be a vehicle for learning LiveCode®.  However, I do encourage you to make things better, improves the learning experience as you gain more insight.



In The News
LiveCode® Community

RunRev, the company behind the creation of this programming software, has announced the release of LiveCode® Community, which is freely available, downloadable from their website.

The User Interface Briefly Explained

In LiveCode® you typically design your user interface first then add code directly to each object.


LiveCode® comes with 23 fully customizable interface objects. These include all the standard interface objects you would expect, including buttons, text fields, menus, data grids, bitmap & vector graphics and multimedia player.


To create objects, simply drag them out from the Tools palette. To edit them, choose the pointer tool in the top right of the Tools palette and double click them to edit their properties.

You wish to learn how to program ! 

Our goal here is to introduce you to the thought of wanting to start creating your own software applications.  We intend to provide you with the necessary information so that you can do just that.


This website is dedicated to assisting those interested in learning a new language The website provides the platform for introducing "Coding from Scratch" which is aimed toward novice programmers, programmers experienced in using other computer languages, and those hobbyists, like me, who are interested in learning a new programming language.